Forever flirting with sanity (dacro) wrote in the_pimp_cane,
Forever flirting with sanity

delicious drabbles and doodles challenge!

Greetings, fellow pimp-caners!

Your mods are thrilled to announce that for the months of December and January, we will be celebrating the fine art of the Drabble (a mini story in 100 words) and the doodle! (the kind you draw, not the...nevermind. *blush*)

Each week there will be a few prompts posted for you to choose from, but then you can take it from there - be creative, be yourselves, be much with the writing, drawing, and posting!

- Anything HP goes - gen, het, slash, femmeslash, three or moresomes...
- large art, and anything longer than a double drabble (200 words) must go behind an lj-cut
- To post, you need to be a member, but membership is easy! Just go here, and fill out the disclaimer.

The prompts will be posted, as well as listed on our community profile page, for quick and easy finding! YAY!
This week's prompts

Also on the horizon for February, our very first ficathon/gift exchange! For this, we'll need your help to come up with mind-melting ideas and such. Stay tuned for a poll in the near future.

Happy holidays, and my your pimp cane always be shiny and sharp.

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