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The Pimp Cane

where pervies come to play

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This is a welcoming community for the writers/readers/artists of Harry Potter Fanfiction/Fanart, who value creativity and open minds.

The Mods:

dmitchell1985 (dmitchell1985 at livejournal dot com)
dacro (dacro at livejournal dot com)
electricandroid(electicandroid at gmail dot com)

Become a member!

The pimp cane has moderated membership. This means that membership will not be approved until you fill out the disclaimer as shown below.

To apply for membership

  1. Go to this post and paste your disclaimer as shown below.

  2. Go to here and join the community.

  3. One of the mods will get your request - check that you have posted your disclaimer - and then allow your application to be validated.


Due to JKR's Lawyers, we feel it necessary to implement the following disclaimers. If you wish to join the community, could you please reply to this post with the disclaimer that applies to you.

Over age of consent

I, (user name), member of the_pimp_cane, am over the age of 18 and understand that the characters used herein are the property of J. K. Rowling et. al. I have no objections to reading fiction which focuses on the prurient interests of the other members. I have read the community policies, and shall abide by them

Under age of consent

I, (user name), member of the_pimp_cane, am under the age of consent (insert age of consent) in my region, (insert name of region), and understand that the characters used herein are the property of J. K. Rowling et. al. Although I have no objections to reading (insert highest rating allowed by your age) rated fanfiction, I acknowledge that (ratings above that) fic is not legal for someone of my age in my region. I agree to bypass all fics rated at (ratings above that)on The Pimp Cane.

To join this community you have to be above the age of consent in your country of origin. If you are not, the mods take NO responsibility for your actions and what you find here.

Our Active Challenges:

Drabble/Doodle fest! (post a drabble or doodle for any or all of the prompts)

Dec. 1-8: Stationary, Caution, Remember
Dec. 9-15: Stockings, Sunrise, Loathing
Dec. 16-22: Whisper, Requited, Loneliness
Dec. 23-Jan. 5th: Reformed, Burden, Feast
Jan. 6 - 12, 2007: Biting, Jealousy, Brass
Jan. 21-26 :Confession, Welcome, Eager

This community does not discriminate against het pairings, though it should be noted that most of the members are slashers. Flaming, Trolling, or making any other vicious nuisance of yourself in any way, shape or form, will not be tolerated. You will normally be given one chance, then be placed on moderated status. Finally - if there is a continued problem - you will be banned.

There is a quality control policy here. We reserve the right to pull any story or post which does not respect the guidelines given below:

They are listed hereunder, and are modeled upon those of the Inkstained Fingers Website.

Underage characters:

a) No fiction involving explicit sex with a character under age 12 is allowed, although indirect references to such activity are allowed if necessary to the story (i.e., hints of child abuse).

b) In stories with a character between 12 and 15, they must be showing signs of puberty (i.e., growing pubic hair, voice changing, developing breasts, etc.)

c) When in doubt, email the moderators at tpc.comm@gmail.com and ask them to review the story. These stories will be moderated by at least 3 people - and majority vote wins.

Please be sure to *warn* in the posting interface for Underage characters.

No RPS. No actor-slash. Keep the stories focused on the characters they portray, not the men or women themselves (i.e. Snape stories are fine, but Alan Rickman stories are not.) Crossovers with Boy Bands or anyone else who is a real person are not allowed. (and you will be slapped)

You are welcome to put as many plot bunnies up for adoption as you desire. But do credit the author of the bunny if you base it upon one of the aforementioned. It is common curtosey.

Please try have an original plotline - or at least an interesting twist on a 'normal' one. If you have a problem with that, or anything else, we are here to help you out.

We do not require beta-reading. However if your story has repeated mistakes such as grammar, spelling, etc. we will kindly request that you use one. As always,there are people here willing to help out.

All Stories are rated by the Author. The Author has full control and responsibility over who they wish to read their work. the_pimp_cane is not liable for any stories or pieces of art which you may feel have been mis-rated.

We ask that all members try to leave constructive feedback as often as possible - even just to indicate that you found time to read the work.

If you find slash or het particularly offensive - I suggest you look elsewhere.

Thanks and Hugs to all!




If you would like your community to appear on the_pimp_cane's Affiliates listing and link to us in return, please contact one of the mods.